Why use Bosch Rexroth as your Automation partner?

"Using our expertise in sensor technology, motion control and consultation services, as well as our own IoT cloud, Bosch Rexroth offers its customers connected, cross-domain solutions and automation innovations for use in various industries."
Frederik Nilner - General Manager Europe North

Are you looking for a smart electric drive solution, to improve your automation solutions, or to enable machine learning? Could your company or project benefit from our Drive experts offering advice on drive system design for flexible automation?

Scroll down to read six reasons why you should work with Bosch Rexroth’s Drive technology…

Flexible software features


  • Smart engineering software solutions
  • Less engineering and more productivity
  • Scalable solutions from 100W to 4MW
  • Enables new opportunities, easy to use and protects your know-how

Time is precious: machines and plants have to be put into operation faster and faster. Our automation Drive System software solutions support this by reducing commissioning time by reading out the mechanical data for electromechanical axes. The configuration can be transferred to the drive at the push of a button. The use of data sheets is reduced, providing real-time data for quick decision making on your production lines, which can significantly increase productivity. Providing your company with a better data analytics, to enable smart manufacturing using open architecture and automated systems.

The Bosch Rexroth software architecture with our high performance drives offers you new possibilities in your production and protects your know-how.

Scalable and modular software architecture


  • Scalable engineering software solutions from 100W to 4MW
  • Supports new product development projects
  • Resolves engineering challenges and problems
  • Providing scalable application and scalable architecture solutions

Where scalability in your manufacturing automation is required, the drive technology Open Core Interface enables users to create functions for electric servo drives in the power range from 100W to 4MW within their familiar development environments - completely without PLC programming.

The open architecture for electric Drives supports a unique range of different development environments, operating systems and programming languages. Providing a reliable automation software and technology functions to meet your project requirements.

By enabling the production staff to use their familiar tools to implement individual drive functions, this not only solves the scalability issues using fewer components, but provides an easy to use solution that saves downtime and training effort.


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Combining safety with operator protection and productivity


  • Safety technology for automation solutions
  • Increased Operating Equipment Efficiency
  • Universal safety compliance solutions
  • Smart drive system design

International and regional standards for machine safety are becoming stricter in automation solutions, and manufacturers are having to implement increasingly complex advanced manufacturing concepts faster and faster. With drive-integrated safety technologies and functions, we show an economical way to protect man and machine at the highest level and to increase productivity and efficiency in engineering - and not only that: space is also saved in your production.

Because Bosch Rexroth makes the drive-integrated "Safety on Board" solution available throughout the Rexroth drive control device and motor families, machine manufacturers can standardize and consolidate their certified safety across centralized and decentralized drive concepts using automation tools. The spectrum ranges from the smallest motion control systems IndraDrive Cs version with 100W to the largest IndraDrive ML drive with 4MW, and the control cabinet-based IndraDrive C and M series to the decentralized control cabinet-less IndraDrive Mi drives. The motor drives ranges includes the rotary and linear synchronous motor to the rotary and linear asynchronous motor, and the MS2N servo motors also offer a SIL3 encoder for maximum safety, and standard compliance.

Space is saved for machines and systems because the fast response time allows light curtains or safety functions to be placed closer to the machine.

The safety solutions from Bosch Rexroth enable machine manufacturers to raise personal protection and productivity to a new level with the aid of smart products, engineering software solutions, machines controls and motion systems.

Minimising machinery footprint with cabinet-free technology


  • Small footprint machine and drive system design
  • Includes decentralized drive technology in IP65
  • Smart electric drive solutions
  • New product development for a smart factory

Quickly convert industrial automation machines to new products, retrofit production lines and all this with the smallest possible footprint, using the development of Rexroth drive technology without control equipment cabinets. End users can now operate more machines on the same footprint and are more flexible in adapting their existing production equipment to new tasks using smart drive solutions.

In conventional drive technology, the motor and control unit are separated from each other. A power cable and an encoder cable lead from each motor to the control cabinet. Machine manufacturers and end users have had to accept this up to now in order to take advantage of servo technology. Control cabinet-less drive technology from Bosch Rexroth retains the advantages of servo drives and combines them with up to 90 percent less cabling and a significant gain in space due to the elimination of control cabinets.

A further highlight: All components of the mains connection previously placed in the control cabinet are now also IP65 rated and can be installed directly in the machine.

The control cabinet-less drive technology opens up new possibilities for modularization and tackles scalability issues, whilst simplifying the subsequent insertion of stations into existing production lines. The control cabinet-less drive technology helps you to meet your specific process automation requirements that are flexible, economic, intelligent and reliable.

Modular intelligent motor solutions providing design flexibility


  • Performance, flexibility and easy to use
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and reduce power consumption
  • Decentralisation of the drive system design
  • Enable smart energy management of your electric drives with fewer components

Customers expect highly dynamic, precise and easy-to-configure drive system solutions. They must use automation solutions with smart drive technologies that offer the highest dynamics, but have compact dimensions and smart energy management.

Our new synchronous servo motor’s MS2N and MSE offer high power density for compact machines, new encoder options with certified safety up to SIL3 PLE or servo motor options with forced ventilation and water cooling. The servo motors are also available with single cable connection for reduced installation effort.

If customers in hazardous areas want to automate and make no compromises in terms of performance, intelligence and connection technology, we now offer the ATEX-certified MS2E servo motor series. The MS2E motor remains safe even if other safety-relevant or safety-specific components fail.

The direct drive motors in kit design also meet the highest standards of performance. This applies both to the linear motors with regard to dynamics and feed force and to the high-torque and high-speed motors with regard to torque and speed. The kit motors also offer simple implementation of innovative machine concepts with minimal design effort and easy integration into existing machines.

By using Rexroth’s integrated motor portfolio this opens up new possibilities, offering maximum safety, maximum functionality and simplifies engineering to provide a smart factory.

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Reduce your carbon footprint with the lowest energy consumption


  • Smart energy management
  • Lowest mains connection power
  • Reduced carbon footprint
    Support product lifecycle management with smart electric drives

An increasingly common engineering challenge is to support machine operators to ensure the functionality of their machine, i.e. power failures must be bridged and the quality of the network improved. This means a high performance reliable drive solution must be provided.

Rexroth's smart energy solutions offer the right drive technology solution and not only increase productivity in production but also protect your tools and work pieces. This provides your company with the ability to demonstrate smart manufacturing.

The possibility of energy recovery in the drive also relieves the burden on the environment and enables higher energy savings with reduced power consumption using fewer drive components, whilst providing overall equipment efficiency.

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